specialties for your well being

Psychotherapy can help to open or maintain communication and prevent problems before they reach crisis level.
Psycho-diagnostic/ Psycho-educational testing
Diagnosing problems and having recommendations in order to have accommodations and modifications for their curriculum which allows them to compete on a level playing field.
Family Therapy
General objective is to open new possibilities of options and growth, in a safe and secure therapeutic environment to explore family issues with all members of the family.
Couple’s therapy
Feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall?
A couple’s therapist is trained and has the capacity to listen, convey empathy and understanding of the situation as well as able communicate clearly to both individuals,
by acknowledging and recognizing the various different perspectives and perceptions of communication within the system.

Smith Clinic

The clinic offers in person, as well as online via Zoom and Blue Jeans.
Each room is designed for comfort, every detail is a thread in an intricately woven pattern, choosen to represent both chaos and calm.

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